Count Zero Media Academy

Twitch Live Streaming for Beauty Influencers

Count Zero Media Academy: Twitch Streaming For Beauty Influencers. Our very first online consulting program now includes a FREE module. Limited to 12 participants, we will be consulting some top-level beauty influencers on the possibilities and pitfalls of Twitch and live streaming.

Twitch has millions of viewers every second of every day. All of these – mostly young – people are ready to watch your content. So far beauty influencers, brands, and organizations have missed this exponentially growing market. If you act now, you can be ahead of the curve, and build a fanbase of potentially hundreds of thousands of people with incomes of up to 100 000 dollars a month – and that is without advertisements and brand partnerships. Get actionable advice, mind-blowing insights, and expert advice from Georg P. Mavridis, President of Count Zero Media.

About the Academy Program:

Module 0 – Free: How to be the first in the coming gold rush

Module 1 – Make Money and Grow

Module 2 – Set up your first successful Stream

Module 3 – Great Content, Perfect Schedule, Target Audience

Module 4- Triple your Growth and Fans

About the Executive:

With over 25 years of experience as an executive in multi-billion-dollar companies, Georg P. Mavridis founded Count Zero Media and Count Zero Records 3 years ago. He has led start-ups to grow into market leaders and created innovative business models in multiple sectors and countries. With degrees in engineering, business management, international business, and sociology, many regard him as one of the foremost experts of business development, mergers & acquisitions, business model creation, green energy and electromobility, and – of course – media business.

About Count Zero Media:

Over 30 000 artists worldwide ask to join the group every year, 6 000 of them are considered and evaluated in an extensive process and around 30 are awarded a contract to then be professionally represented as creative artists by a team of international experts.

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