Count Zero Media Publishing

Worldwide Music Publishing

Count Zero Media is an established BMI registered music publisher and part of Count Zero Records Inc. (Delaware/USA). We offer worldwide music publishing as part of the Count Zero group.

With over 5 million releasing musicians worldwide today, collecting your royalties and enforcing your rights has never been as difficult as it is now. Large platform providers generally try to avoid paying any fees with tricky terms and a lot of red tape. After all, free content is what made them very big, and very profitable.

You need someone in your corner that is an artist like you but can represent you in a cutthroat world of intricate legalities and complex systems. We would be glad to help you.

At Count Zero Media we

1 – Publish your music professionally

2 – Enter splits that are automatically deposited on your account

3 – License your music to TV, film, movies, businesses, and more

4 – Register your music with the biggest organizations

5 – Collect all fees owed to you worldwide

6 – Create perfect metadata for your song

7 – Are on YOUR team ( and yes, it’s not common )

About Count Zero Media:

Over 30 000 artists worldwide ask to join the group every year, 6 000 of them are considered and evaluated in an extensive process and around 30 are awarded a contract to then be professionally represented as creative artists by a team of international experts.